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A Day in Langston Hughes Life 1902-1967

In the 1930’s, whoever that was associated with Communists would be neglected and this included Langston himself. He was employed by the Soviets in 1932 as a motion picture writer along with other blacks. Often he some of his work and name would be published in CPUSA and during the Spanish Civil War he’d often lend his name to Communist-led or Communist-influenced organizations along with his public support of the Soviet Union. Later during McCarthyism era, Langston was forced to appear at the House of Un-American Activities in 1953 but was not convicted of being a communist. Critics today thought his influences were at right timing during the right era, The Great Depression, his poem had more of an effect to peoples emotion.

1953, House of Un-American Activities

His work was based on his personal experience and favored the communism government for there were no social classes in this type of government. Many favored him from not being able to relate or lived during The Great Depression but his pride of Harlem and from being black; blacks in Harlem adored him upon his glorifying Harlem.


I think that Langston Hughes was a great poet of his time from his pride being black and his work was placed on his experience and feelings. Although his some of his poems are lengthy, his choices of words were simple yet slang at his time. Even though Communism was greatly neglected at the time, I believe it would of helped things out during the depression and help diminish social classes; however, some people do work harder than others and should be given credit for that.